Blue smoke

- pédigrée -


HCM/Pkdef/Sma : N/N by dna

screening HCM/PKD : negative august 2016

Felv / Fiv : Negative


Zazu the One CaramelloCoon is our third cat from Libor Sula. He is coming from Czech Republic. I was searching for a male from almost a year. I had very precise criteria, more particulary about the profile. I despaired to find him. But… when I took a look on the video Libor showed, I knew Zazu was meant for me.

Zazu’s type is very good, and I am sure his evolution will be great. His muzzle is very strong, his profile is amazing. He has a rounded forehead, very good set ears with extra long lynx tips. His temper and gaze and full of love. We are full of hopes and expectations about the plans we have for him.







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