International Grand Champion (Fifé)

Blue smoke et blanc

- pédigrée -


HCM/PKD/SMA/PkDEf : N/N by dna

screenings HCM/PKD : negative january 2016/ negative june 2018

Felv / Fiv : Negative

Genetic id card and filiation (Antagène )

Best Variety, World Cat Show Fifé Malmö (Sweden, 2015)


Patayan’s Lonely Soul is a kitten born home. He is our third generation born home. When he was born, I was like thunderstrucked. His colour, the same as my Krevette, my first maine coon girl, helped me to decide fast. I did not forecast a baby from that mating, but Lonely knew how to conquer his place in our home. When he was three months old, he was not proposed for any breeder or cat lover… then he stayed.

Lonely is a resumé of the bloodlines we have : a strong long muzzle, with a rounded profile and a well-marked forehead. He has big well set ears. He has a long and strong sized body for his age. He anjoys shows, judges like him. He obtained a BIV at the Malmö FIFé World Cat Show. He is now starting an adult cat career.



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