Our kittens are leaving home when they are at least 13-14 weeks old. Kittens that are sold as pets are all neutered, with no possible exception (about early sterilization, click here).

They are living in their families with :

-A sales contract and invoice,

-His certificate of vaccination (primary and booster vaccination). The kitten will of ourse had been dewormed several times before his departure

-The property ICAD document on the electronic identification of kitten

-A copy of the request for the pedigree (you will receive it later with acknowledgment of receipt)

-A copy of the parents tests

-An information sheet about the wellness of your kitten

-A kitten bag containing with toys and food.

A kitten born at home is sold 1200€, regardless of his color, sex, or the mating from which he is coming from.



Kittens for breeding :


We are selling kittens for breed only after long conversations with breeders and deep thoughts. However, we are selling breeding kittens only to breeders who are sharing the same breeding vision and philosophy than us. Breeders are required to have an affix.

Kittens for breed are sold 1800 euros

About kittens who are going to leave abroad, the kittens will leave after 21 days following the rabies vaccination. They will have an EU passport.

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